A Tale of Two Travelers

For marketing to a consumer, there are the best of times and the worst of times. For instance, retailers know that planning initiatives around seasonal events like holidays can mean a boost in ROI. But what about marketing around more personal calendar dates, like trips and vacations?

By looking at Rocket Fuel campaign data from multiple advertisers, we were able to identify travelers booking different types of hotels: luxury and non-luxury. We found that consumers with travel plans were indeed more open to certain ads and offers than non-travelers. However, the type of hotel they planned to stay in and when they booked their room could radically affect which types of campaigns they were most likely to engage with.

For marketers, it's a “Tale of Two Travelers.”

After looking at over 1.2 million conversions from over 240,000 unique travelers, we found:

  • Non-luxury travelers booked an average of 22 days in advance of a trip, while luxury traveled booked 53 days on average before the trip.
  • Both luxury and non-luxury travelers were more likely to convert on dining, retail, and entertainment ads prior to a trip than non-travelers.
  • Luxury travelers made up to 18 purchases prior to a trip, compared to four for non-luxury travelers, based on Rocket Fuel’s conversion data.
  • Luxury travelers were 206% more likely to make a retail purchase at a luxury retailer than non-luxury travelers.
For more on the study, as well as the rest of our insights, download the infographic here!

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