Looking at the Issues

Stances on political issues are personal choices, with political parties helping to cement those choices. However, they're not the be-all and end-all to opinion.

The Rocket Fuel Marketing Research Team examined the political preferences of survey respondents on perennial hot-button issues that shape election cycles. The findings begin to sketch a roadmap of each respondent’s beliefs, free from assumptions based on partisanship, and to offer several powerful lessons for political advertisers.

Download Rocket Fuel’s “Preparing for 2016 Part II: Looking at the Issues” and find out why knowing what motivates and interests key voters helps political marketers identify the issues they care about most and appeal to them as individuals.

Interesting Trends by the Issues:

  • Those against legalized abortion were more likely to buy frozen vegetables (+71%) and peanut butter (+70%), be Republican (+75%) and be fiscally conservative (+72%).
  • Gay marriage supporters were highly likely to consume media, with 76% likely to buy music, 73% likely to go to a concert, 66% likely to “be a TV addict,” and 58% were likely to have recently purchased a book.
  • Constituents who supported the continued legalization of assault weapons were more likely to be Republican (37%), and tended to love watching TV crime procedurals and dramas. Those against such legalization were overwhelmingly Democrats (95%), had an interest in traveling to Vegas (76%), and were NASCAR fans (32%).

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