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How Uniting Disparate Data Sources Creates a Singular View of the Customer

The scale and diversity of data is often the cause of disconnect between an organization's imperative and preparedness—but it can yield great opportunity. In a new Forrester Consulting report released in conjunction with Rocket Fuel, we investigate the best techniques to create a compelling, data-driven path-to-purchase for today’s always-addressable customer.

Learn how a partner offering a "digital marketing hub" built around an integrated Data Management Platform (DMP) and an AI-powered optimization engine can help marketers activate their first-party data in pursuit of the “holy grail” of personalized marketing.

In the free report, marketers will get additional insights such as:

  • 71% of marketers who currently have offline capabilities have learned new and unexpected things about their customers and prospects
  • 77% of marketers stated that they are not prepared for personalized marketing and 48% are interested in using a DMP
  • 75% said that interest in personalized marketing has increased within their companies over the past year
Download the full report for recommendations from Forrester Consulting on how to find the right data management partner.

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