Moments: The Next Generation of Digital Marketing

We're living in a moment-driven society.

Moments are defining the way we think, spend, and act.

But there's a problem: Consumers are living moment-to-moment and marketers aren't following suit. Instead of scoring each moment of interaction to update and improve their campaigns in real time, most marketers are wasting dollars in three major ways:

  • Messaging static segments and profiles
  • Constraining themselves with predetermined spend and
  • Being misled by out of date reporting

These critical inefficiencies in the way marketers target, learn, and spend prevent them from acting on new data to identify the moments that both complement the consumer journey and drive their goals.

Find out how Rocket Fuel can awaken the potential of marketing in the moment via Moment Scoring™, which learns the critical—and often hard to recognize—predictors of which moments drive conversions.

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