Creative Optimization

A lot more goes into a digital ad than you might expect. Within each ad, there are numerous variables that all play an important role in whether or not it will succeed. To find out what makes promotions pop, Rocket Fuel evaluated a sample of 38,151 distinct banner ads from 1,076 advertisers across 2,184 marketing initiatives over six months and created a handy infographic to help marketers create better creatives.

The infographic shows how subtle details such as color, the location of the logo, the presence of a person—and even the gender of that person—can have a profound impact on an ad's effect on a consumer.

Highlights include:

  • Ads with red backgrounds, followed by orange (+28%), and yellow (+24%) performed best when compared to average.
  • Ads featuring humans averaged higher conversion-rate lifts, with ads featuring men performing 102% better than ads featuring women.
  • Animated ads had a 7% higher conversion rate on average when compared to static ads. 40% of animated ads were between 10 and 12 seconds long, while ads that were 6 to 9 seconds long had a conversion rate lift of 38% against the category average.

For the rest of our insights, download our creative optimization infographic and start optimizing your programmatic creatives today.

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