What's Under the Hood of Programmatic?

Remember back in the day when digital advertising was simple to understand? Like popping open the hood of a 1972 Ford, all the parts were simple and visible, and how they fit together was intuitive. It made sense.

Now? Piecing together the modern digital advertising ecosystem is like trying to assemble a spaceship in your living room. But as Rocket Fuel Director of Artificial Intelligence Michael Benisch explains in our latest whitepaper, using advanced systems to buy media programmatically doesn't have to be overwhelming. Michael will take you "under the hood" of programmatic buying and walk you through the process of how and why a consumer sees the ads they see.

We hope that after reading this whitepaper you’ll ponder these questions:

  • How well does my programmatic partner really know consumers?
  • Are they using fixed-price bid models to reach them?
  • How many factors does my bidder incorporate into its model when determining a bid price?
  • Is their bid distribution curve smooth, or is there “bid bunching” around round numbers

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