11 Questions About Programmatic Mobile...and the Answers Marketers Need

A few short years ago, mobile was a “checkbox” buy: marketers bought it because their CEOs expected it to be in use. After all, people were coalescing with their devices like never before, and society at large was quickly adopting a “mobile” culture. Marketers simply could not ignore such a ubiquitous trend.

Today, that’s all changed. Mobile’s tremendous audiences can now be addressed programmatically and within a richer context than display. Given its dynamic format and unique data inputs such as location and carrier, marketers can engage with audiences in ways they never have before. Measurement across the digital-advertising ecosystem has improved so radically it has become a clear and consistent extension of display, with the same types of expectations and focus on measurability.

In fact, mobile now represents 30% of Rocket Fuel’s business, and we’ve now integrated with 20 programmatic partners domestically and globally with mobile inventory including mobile-web, mobile-app, and mobile-video inventory. Not only that, our machine-learning algorithms learn and optimize based on the 855 billion global mobile impressions a month that we are able to view.

Our white paper will give you the rundown on the latest breakthroughs in mobile advertising and tell you exactly what you need to know to get the most out of your mobile budget.

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