The Predictive Vertical Series:
The Predictive Retailer

The modern retailer is sitting on a wealth of information that can be utilized to centralize consumer touch-points, increase sales, and to enhance brand experiences. This upward trend toward automation and intelligence is made possible when following plans for building and leveraging AI. As retailers become more skilled at harnessing big data to build predictive intelligence capabilities, they will learn to create more personalized customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies throughout their organization as a result.

This comprehensive guide will uncover trends and opportunities in the retail industry, and detailed requirements for building the predictive retail enterprise of the future, through key macrotrends emerging in the space:

  • Predictive marketing and trend forecasting through machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Agile operations: leveraging dynamic intelligence to become a predictive enterprise
  • Functional integration: converging digital and physical consumer experiences

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