Forrester TEI Study

Does it pay to use Rocket Fuel?

In a word: “yes”. With the Rocket Fuel DMP and DSP using Moment Scoring™ technology, organizations saw more than 8x improvement in spending efficiency and near-immediate cost recovery.

A commissioned November 2015 Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of the Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform conducted for the company by Forrester Consulting showed an aggregate net benefit of more than $65 million.

Additionally, the Forrester study highlights benefits experienced with the Rocket Fuel platform including:

  • Improved media efficiency with reduction in overfrequencing of ads
  • 10% of annual media buy saved in prospecting campaigns with anti-targeting of known users
  • Revenue and savings from more effective conversions from site optimization
  • Flexibility to extend use of the platform to additional channels and increase adoption within the organization

Download the study to see the ROI of the Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform.

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