Guide to Programmatic Marketing

It’s an amazing time to be a marketer—and amazingly challenging.

These days, marketers need to consolidate and activate what they know about their customers from every data source and interact with them anywhere, across many touchpoints, to drive them to the point of sale and beyond.

And the big question is: What can I do in programmatic marketing today to achieve these goals?

To find out, look no further than “The Guide to Programmatic Marketing” —a must-have for all marketers. With the help of a fictional family, the Guide breaks down the complexity of today’s marketing challenges and simply defines how to take advantage of programmatic marketing to:

  • Leverage machine learning to move customers down the funnel for higher conversions
  • Reach each person differently in the same household
  • Identify new conversion opportunities based on look-a-like behavior
  • Increase foot traffic in stores
  • Reaching and nurture rich offline customer profiles online
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