With automotive advertising spend in digital media hitting $5.07 billion in 2013 and predicted to increase to $7.8 billion by 2017, improving efficiency and creative performance is more important than ever.

Consumer reliance on digital media in the auto purchase process presents a world of opportunity for auto marketers. Before converting, car buyers make multiple trips to the dealer to see a vehicle in person, doing research via a wide variety of channels in the interim. In fact, those that do online research consider more brands and dealers, with one in four visiting the dealer they purchase from as a result of online information.

With consumers connected to the web throughout the entire car-purchasing process, insights about optimal auto display creatives can make the difference. To give marketers a leg-up, Rocket Fuel examined 7,500 auto creatives run with us in Q4 2013. To gauge performance, we used a 1.74 billion impression sample using 10 key criteria including size, background color, and call to action.

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